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This season at Hollengold Farm we are proud to announce that we are working with Wild Wind Herbal CSA. Wild Wind Herbal CSA offers 4 monthly shares of lovingly handcrafted herbal products over the summer and fall season (July through October).


For those of you wanting our organic vegetables, fruits and berries you can make an appointment to come by anytime we are around and have food available to harvest. We harvest on demand, and love to have families come and harvest vegetables so they can experience how they grow. Children especially love this and we are happy to have you come here. Contact us by e-mail or phone: 917-607-7366 to set up an appointment.


Current Vegetables Available in June:


Assorted lettuce mix





Lamb's Quarter




Garlic Scapes

Hollengold Farm was started in the Spring of 2009 by a family originally from New York City. Along with a few of our  gardening friends, we put our first vegetable rows in during the Spring of 2009. Since then, we continue to grow and expand. With little farming or country experience, we have learned mostly from doing, reading and letting nature teach us. We are continually fueled by our love of food, nature, plants, and healthy living, and strive to create a beautiful place for others to share and experience with us. Along with farming there is a large component of art and education related to  botanical drawing of plants, how they grow, their uses. A sustainable environment and small scale permaculture farm model is our inspiration.

222 Lower Whitfield Rd - Accord, NY 12404        845-626-1146       Email us at: info@hollengoldfarm.com